Employment Medical Examination

The pre-employment medical assessment is a measure that employers use to screen potential hires for risk factors such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, or asthma. Medical assessments allow employers to perform preliminary oversight on their employees and help avoid potential accidents in the workplace by screening out those who may be unfit for work for safety reasons.

Medical examinations are used because they can reveal information about an individual’s health before they start working. This allows companies not only to assess what kind of job would best suit them, but also save time by not having him go through training if it turns out he can not do specific tasks safely due to his limited abilities.

Benefits of pre-employment medical assessments

Pre-employment medical assessments are good for employers and employees alike. They allow the employer to know that a worker is fit, capable of doing the job at hand, and able to stay on task without mistakes due to distractions from health issues like diabetes or heart disease, which can be detected through pre-employment physical examinations and would otherwise have gone unnoticed until it was too late.

It also benefits an employee who knows before they start work whether or not they will need additional accommodation to do their best with no hindrances when it comes down to nearly what could amount to life changes if left untreated.

For serious injuries and illness,

call an ambulance on triple zero (000) or visit your nearest hospital emergency department.

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