Medical Examinations

Under the Workers' Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 section 64, workers claiming injury may be required to undergo a medical examination. Where a worker has given notice of an injury, he shall, if so requested by the employer, submit himself for examination by their doctor or an appointed medic provided and paid for by the employer.

When injured workers enter the West Australian Workers’ Compensation System, they often become frustrated by a lack of information surrounding medical appointments and examinations. Requests to attend these appointments can come from their employer, insurer or plaintiff injury lawyer. With so many people coordinating around that one appointment slot time with your physician-which is never even guaranteed in any case-it’s not hard for an uninformed worker at this stage to feel like all hope has been lost!

Medical Examination at Ridge Medical Centre

The Ridge medical centre provides an important service that ensures the physical and psychological needs of those who have to deal with workers’ compensation.

We offer comprehensive physical examinations and assessments to ensure that our workers’ compensation claimants walk away satisfied.

The Ridge Medical Center provides all kinds of support services, including assisting claimants through paperwork, providing transportation assistance if needed, helping them find counseling resources, or just listening when it’s the most challenging time in life.

For serious injuries and illness,

call an ambulance on triple zero (000) or visit your nearest hospital emergency department.

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