Hearing Test

Hearing is a vital sense for your everyday life. Unfortunately, you may not realise, but at least one in six adults experience some degree of hearing loss that could affect their daily lives if left untreated. 

Hearing loss can affect not only a person’s social life, but also their professional one. For example, people with hearing impairments may have trouble communicating verbally in the workplace, which might lead to them feeling isolated and stressed at work.

Occupational Audiometry / Hearing Test

Audiometry / Hearing tests are a way to assess the impact of your workplace on hearing. This assessment is carried out by certified testers meeting Australian Standards and WorkCover WA audio compliance for Audiometry Testing.

The tester will play different sound frequencies at very low intensities and then gradually increase these levels until the sound becomes audible, indicating how well they can hear. Different sounds produce different results on people with varying degrees of damage in their auditory systems; this allows for accurate diagnosis through testing using loudness as one measure of success.

What Do We Offer for Your Pre- Employment Hearing Test?

We have invested in the best of the best when it comes to our audiologists. They are members of either Audiology Australia (AudA), the Australian College of Audiologists (ACAud) or the Hearing Aid Audiometrist Society of Australia, which means you’ll always get a professional who has passed their relevant exams with flying colours and is up-to-date on all applicable laws and legislation for hearing aids.

To ensure our audiology services are performed with the highest quality standards, we have a listening check & subjective calibration register completed every day and have the Audiometer Booth regularly calibrated according to AS/NZS 1269.4 requirements.

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