Sexual Health

Sexual health is vital to our overall well-being. This includes the right to healthy relationships, access to inclusive and safe health services, reliable information, and freedom from violence, stigma, and discrimination. In addition, it allows you to take charge of your own and others' sexual wellness by becoming more comfortable with talking openly with partners and learning safe sex practices.

In today’s society, where it is becoming more difficult for some individuals to feel comfortable about receiving healthcare due to fear or coercion, there should be no hesitation when choosing your care provider—especially if you need advice regarding any matters related to sexuality! Our highly trained medical professionals will give you unbiased assistance.

To provide sexual health services, we have experienced doctors who specialise in treating people with their needs and counselling them on healthy relationships. They also ensure that our patients are safe during the entire treatment process by providing reliable information and a non-judgmental environment for everyone.

Family Planning

The pressure of planning a family can be daunting with all the decisions, timing, and fertility concerns. So many questions need to be answered before you even start thinking about your children’s future! Will we have one child or multiple? Who should I ask to watch them while I’m at work? Do we want more than two kids? What happened when my parents had too many kids?!

Family planning protects women from many health risks before, during, and after childbirth and aids in preventing pregnancy complications like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, infections, miscarriages, or stillbirth.

At The Ridge Medical Centre, we help you find the right birth control option for your needs. When it comes to family planning and reproductive healthcare, our team is committed to providing comprehensive care that meets all of your goals. In addition, we offer various methods to make an informed decision about which one might be best.

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